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When you look upon another human being and feel great love toward them, or when you contemplate beauty in nature and something within you responds deeply to it, close your eyes for a moment and feel the essence of that love or that beauty within you, inseparable from who you are, your true nature. The outer form is a temporary reflection of what you are within, in your essence. That is why love and beauty can never leave you, although all outer forms will.

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yes yes yes!

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I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word

Fucking love this so much, makes me feel better about dropping out of college. I think everyone needs to see this video, it needs to be played to every school and college!! Fix the fucking education system man 

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Zen garden
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Zen garden


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Untitled on We Heart It.

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                                                   I want a night
                                                       with you.
                                                   I want to close
                                                     the curtains.
                                                I want to lay in bed
                                              and feel you breathing.
                                               I want the only noise
                                                   to be my inhale
                                              replying to your exhale.
                                           I want to trace my fingers
                                           along every line and curve
                                                    of your back.
                                            I want to feel your face
                                              buried into my neck.
                                              I want to lay like this
                                              and feel every worry
                                          the same way that I melt
                                              when I am with you. 

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Can u find something not perfect about this
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Can u find something not perfect about this

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